Pre-Registration Settings

How to setup you default pre-registration settings

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Save time by setting up pre-registration templates and giving your users the ability to use their email software to automatically populate their visitors into Teamgo when they setup calendar meeting invitations.

Visitor Types

The Visitor Types are simply templates you can setup that makes it easier to collect information from your pre-registered visitors. These templates will be used to determine what types of information you may need to collect from different types of visitors.

When your users pre-register a visitor, they can select a Visitor Type template to include with the pre-registration. If they send the visitor the invitation, they will receive an email that is pre-populated and links to complete any forms, upload documents etc.

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Pre-Registration

To Edit a Visitor Type, simply click on it.

To Add a New Visitor Type click the New Visitor Type button.

Adding New Visitor Types

When you click New Visitor Type, first you will need to give it a name. Then edit the visitor type you have created and complete each of the sections, adding and filling out the required information.

  • General information - (type name, invitation email subject and content). You can include the calendar link option also.

  • Reminders - if you have the visitors mobile number, you can set reminders to be sent to them as an SMS with the information you enter into the message.

  • Data Collection - visitors can be sent a link in their invitation to complete an online form before they arrive, build you form here so they can submit it online.

  • Induction - if you require the visitor to view and agree to any important message you can include that content here.

  • Check-In - decide what actions need to take place once they arrive and sign-in at the workplace using your iPad Kiosks (typically scanning a QR code that is sent to them).

Pre-Registration by Email

Any user you have added to Teamgo may send a pre-registration to your Teamgo account by emailing our system. When we receive this email it will populate your visitor list with the pre-registered guests included in their calendar invitation.

  • Your User must have a Teamgo User account

  • Your User must have an email added to their account

  • Your User must email us from the registered user email in Teamgo

  • Your User must include [email protected] as one of the invitees

Teamgo will recognise the email is from the user and setup the visitor pre-registration. This is useful as the User will not have to login to Teamgo and pre-register the visitor using the web dashboard.

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